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Art & Home Goods

Hand-crafted unique gifts including original art, jewelry, wood signage, art kits, & more!

Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced produce raised in Mulberry using a mix of traditional farming practices and hydroponics.

Meat, Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Delicious produce including green beans, tomatoes, and zucchinis as well as eggs and meat.

Art & Home Goods

Berry Designs prides themselves in providing unique hand-crafted home decor, accessories, and personalized items to the Greater Lafayette community.

House Plants, Produce, SNAP Eligible

A small, family owned farm & greenhouse located in West Point. Herbs, flowers, and gourmet veggies planted, and harvested by hand.

Condiments & Snacks, Lunch Items

Italian food created from the Cappelleri Family recipes. Pasta sauce, meatballs, and pesto made with fresh local ingredients!

Pet Goods

Homemade treats for your furry BFF. Available in apple-peanut butter, pumpkin, or sweet potato flavors in four different sizes.

Breakfast Items, Coffee & Tea, Condiments & Snacks, Lunch Items

Crave-worthy breakfast and lunch entrees that’ll make you say “YUM!” All prepared fresh on site.

Art & Home Goods

Creative and unique finds unlike anywhere else that specializes in original fine art, high quality fine jewelry, as well as unique one of a kind gifts for home and family.

Condiments & Snacks, SNAP Eligible

Delicious, local, natural honey and maple syrup along with specialty flavors and spice infused maple syrups and honeys, gifts, and much more! Made in Kempton.

Cut Flowers, Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Chemical Free. Over 25 years of experience growing a large diversity of crops using a biodynamic and organic approach. Fresh and creative produce finds!

Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

A huge variety of produce, including asparagus, tomatoes, cabbage, and more.

Art & Home Goods, Candles

Hand-poured, local, and eco-friendly 100% soy candles & wax melts. Jars, oils, and wax sourced strictly from the Midwest.

Baked Goods, Condiments & Snacks, SNAP Eligible

Made-from-scratch breads, cinnamon rolls, and other goodies made fresh EVERY morning from fresh- milled flour right on Kossuth!

Art & Home Goods, Health & Beauty

Handcrafted small batch soaps made with pure simple ingredients.


Handmade soy candles & wax melts inspired by places around the world. Bring scented adventure to the comfort of your home!

Cut Flowers

Beautiful fresh-cut flower arrangements in a variety of glassware.

Art & Home Goods

At Kitara’s Boutique we would love to offer you our unique selection of aprons, blankets (big & small), hair pins, candles, necklaces, and more! We can’t wait to see you here at the market!

Lunch Items, SNAP Eligible

Homemade Italian foods including stromboli, pasta, pizza, breadsticks, and cannoli.

Condiments & Snacks, Produce, SNAP Eligible

Known as ‘The Popcorn Ladies,’ these Lafayette-locals also sell veggies, jams, and veggie pasta in addition to their delicious variety of fresh-cooked kettlecorn!

Baked Goods, Breakfast Items

A creative microbakery in Lafayette, IN – nostalgic & inventive comfort baked goods, inspired by local seasonal ingredients, family and friends, and heritage recipes. You’ll probably see something new every week!

Lunch Items

Delicious selections of jerked chicken, jollof rice, vegetable eggs rolls, plantain chips, and more!

Meat, Produce

Nutrient-dense pastured meats & eggs produced while regenerating the land. Non-GMO.

Meat, Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Beautiful selection of herbs, produce, meats, and more.

Art & Home Goods, Health & Beauty

Items to enhance your routine into a ritual. All products are handmade with organic, sustainably grown, or wild harvested botanicals.

Art & Home Goods

Quality hand designed products from a mother-son duo including wreaths, centerpieces, & door hangers to make your home beautiful.

Cut Flowers, House Plants

Are you interested or curious about native plants, butterflies, bees, birds, or natural Indiana? Native interest offers local ecotype native plants & seeds, grown by a plant ecologist – without chemicals- for pollinators, wildlife, and wilder people.

Health & Beauty

A small craft shop producing handmade soap using all plant-based oils. Coconut, olive, palm and canola oils go into each bar, as well as captivating scents and colors

Baked Goods, Condiments & Snacks, SNAP Eligible

Featuring freshly baked bundlettes in a variety of flavors, as well as gourmet white chocolate popcorn.


Health & Beauty

Herbal remedies, bath and beauty products – Handcrafted in harmony with nature. All-natural herbal and farm products. Locally grown and pesticide free, with environmentally friendly packaging.

Art & Home Goods

Handcrafted metal workings and wood creations for all your home needs.

Condiments & Snacks, Dairy

Local Ice Cream Manufacturer giving out FREE treats! 100% pure dairy since 1966.


A plethora of tie dyed items including, but not limited to, t-shirts, sweatshirts, masks, dresses, and masks. Custom Ordering Available!

House Plants, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Green house with beautiful trees, shrubs, evergreens, annuals and perennials. This year we offer a large variety of house plants.

Condiments & Snacks, Lunch Items, Meat

Dry rubbed, smoked, and handcrafted meats & sides.


Art & Home Goods

Beautifully handcrafted furniture pieces and decor for your home or office created in Covington. Custom orders available!

Art & Home Goods

Beautiful hand-painted watercolor art pieces and other original works by local artist Jessie Roseberry.

Meat, SNAP Eligible

Locally & ethically raised hormone-free freezer beef raised in Royal Center Indiana. Family owned & operated farm striving to provide their cattle with a balanced diet & adequate living spaces to provide high-quality beef for your family.

Baked Goods, SNAP Eligible

European freshly-baked pastries and treats, created with fresh, unique ingredients and gourmet quality.


For all your sharpening needs. Knives: $1 per inch ($5 Min)| Scissors $10-15 | Pruners $7| Trimmers $10-25| Axes $10-$12 per side| Shovels $8-$10.

Baked Goods, SNAP Eligible

Handcrafted artisanal bread and pastry using high quality ingredients, time-honored techniques and attention to detail.

Baked Goods, Breakfast Items, Coffee & Tea, Lunch Items, SNAP Eligible

Handcrafted seasonal pies and pastries along with coffee, teas and wonderful entrees like quiche, potpies, and pigs in a blanket. Vegan, GF options available.

Health & Beauty

Handcrafted necklaces, rings, bracelettes, earrings, and more made with sustainably sourced and beautifully crafted items.

Produce, SNAP Eligible

A variety of produce including bok choy, asparagus, zucchini, kohlrabi, cauliflower, and eggplant. Also pastured eggs!

Breakfast Items, Coffee & Tea

Offering creative cold brew, matcha, and chai alongside bagels with a variety of unique house-made spreads.

Dairy, Lunch Items, Meat, SNAP Eligible

Handcrafted, artisan vegan cheeses, meats, and entrees, offering vegans more than just a salad, but a real vegan meal that tastes great.

Art & Home Goods

Handmade one of a kind jewelry featuring typewriter keys, buttons, watch parts, and other vintage items.


Cut Flowers, Meat, Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Pasture based, sustainable family farm in rural Indiana producing real food with care & without chemicals. Avoid GMO’s. GAPS diet friendly.

Meat, Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Certified Organic & Chemical Free Produce + Livestock from Crawfordsville. We sell only what we grow.


Produce, SNAP Eligible

Introducing tiny greens with a mighty punch of nutrition, color, and flavor. Harvested fresh & chemical free on our small farm in Monticello IN.

Baked Goods, SNAP Eligible

Out of this world cookies, cinnamon rolls, breads, and baked items that will leave you craving more!

Condiments & Snacks, House Plants, Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

Home grown produce, using organic growing methods. Handcrafted honey selections.

Cut Flowers, Produce, SNAP Eligible, WIC Eligible

A sustainable fresh vegetable operation with future plans to include over 600 acres in vegetable production.

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