Smittybread Bakery

Smittybread Bakery is a baker and retailer of hearth breads, particularly naturally leavened sourdough breads, along with a variety of pastries, such as Danish, croissants, scones, cookies, cinnamon rolls, morning buns and brownies. The bakery also serves up homemade pretzels and pretzel-wrapped beef and vegan hot dogs. Breads range from basic wheat sourdoughs to flavored breads such as rosemary sourdough, cheddar-jalapeño sourdough and cheesy garlic sourdough, along with Old World rye and multigrain breads.

Meet the Owner(s)

David Smith is a former newspaperman turned baker. He started out in business in 2015, baking sourdough bread and laminated pastries made at home. After two successful seasons selling homemade products at the West Lafayette Farmers Market, he opened a storefront bakery in Lafayette in 2017 and has been baking full-time ever since, selling to both retail and wholesale customers and employing 15 to 18 workers. Smittybread Bakery is a member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America.

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